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How good can a 99€ Android 4 tablet be?

Saturday June 23 2012

Cherry Android TabletComputing is getting cheaper and cheaper. I was walking in the streets of The Hague and noticed an ad at the local drug store (Kruidvat) for a 99€ Android 4 tablet. A 1.2Ghz A8 ARM Cortex processor, a 7” capacitive multi-touch IPS screen, a gig of RAM and 8 gigs of flash — all in an alu-body. The Cherry Mobility M-728 7” Pro-Line.

I’m of course a die-hard Apple user, but I couldn’t pass on this opportunity for an experiment. These are some very impressive specs for this price!

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24 hours with the Raspberry Pi

Tuesday June 12 2012

Raspberry PiLast Friday I found a nice package in the mail. My Raspberry Pi arrived! For those who don’t know: The R-Pi is a very cheap (and sexy) Linux ARM box. It has about the same processing power as a typical PC during the first internet bubble, but with a much lower price tag and using way less energy (about the same as a LED light bulb).

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Using Apache to serve a SSH-tunneled website

Sunday January 22 2012

At the office we’re using an internal development server, which also hosts all our git repositories. We’re using the small and awesome ViewGit repository browser to get an insight in the latest commits.

However, our development server is only accessible at the office, not at home over the web, unless you set up an SSH tunnel. This is a little bit cumbersome to do every time you just want a quick peek, so we used a simple solution to make ViewGit accessible over the web. Behind some HTTP Basic authentication of course.

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