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Properly hide e-mail addresses in Mailman archives

Wednesday August 10 2011

The music-bar mailing lists have been running on Mailman for ages. It has a configuration feature to obfuscate e-mail addresses in the mailing list archives, but that just transforms e-mail addresses into yourname AT domain DOT com type of addresses. Not very effective in the year 2011…

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Winamp style jQuery marquee

Thursday July 7 2011

Hah! Another old bit which might be fun. I was prototyping a new RingtoneADay site (abandoned) :) and needed a fixed space to show a title. When the title is too long, it doesn’t fit. Winamp, back in the day solved this by scrolling the title back and forth. I find this much more attractive than the standard ticker tape effect, so I rolled a tiny jQuery plugin for it.

Get the code: jQuery Winamp-style marquee.

Now it would be cool to do the same plugin, but then using CSS animation for hardware acceleration!

Color mixer

Thursday July 7 2011

Tonight whilst cleaning up my machine, getting it ready for the big SSD-switch, I found a fun bit of old hacked-up code. Thought it would be nice to share. It’s a color mixer (Webkit only probably), which takes two colors, mixes them using a few blend modes and then allows you to create a gradient through those colors and a selected color. Using that you get a nice way to pick a color scheme using two base colors.

Color mixer screenshot

Take a look at the color mixer!