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Rockin' the Juiced Jam

Wednesday May 28 2008

A brief moment of rock at the Juiced Jam 2006…

AMPFEA.org music-barians - Shelter, finally online!

Sunday May 18 2008

It took some time, but our CD for the RPM Challenge 2008 is finally online! :) Download it from music-bar.org.


01) Reactor Control – Code
02) Dego – Apache
03) Voynich – Destroyer of Worlds
04) Noise Theorem & Aleph Null – Hollow Men
05) DeepLFO – Electromagentic
06) Franz Anton – Sleepless
07) Pube Soup Stirred by The Dong – Charley C
08) Fractales12 – Bilderberg Group
09) Reactor Control – Outside
10) The Great Attractor – ITE
11) Modular Grey – Order in Space
12) LX Nen – Diversion

punkdISCO: Mickey Mouse is Dead

Saturday May 17 2008

My friend Paul punkdISCO posted an awesome (hot!) ;) new video to Youtube. Check it out!