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CanoScan Lide 20 under Leopard 10.5

Sunday March 16 2008

Canon has decided to not support ‘old’ scanners under Leopard. They basically say that you should throw your scanner away and buy a new one. I find this environmentally unacceptable. If they would offer a new driver for 20 bucks I’d be happy.

An option is to purchase VueScan. This works with my CanoScan, but I find VueScan’s interface very clunky. Pass.

I was happy to learn that SANE has been ported to Mac OS X and that, contrary to the main list of supported scanners, it does support the Lide 20.

The TWAIN SANE graphical interface doesn’t work with my machine. No problem, since I prefer the command line.

How to

  1. Download and install all the packages (except gettext) from the TWAIN SANE Interface for MacOS X
  2. Use some Terminal-fu to scan your file: scanimage -l 0 -t 0 -x 215mm -y 297mm --resolution 300dpi --format tiff > yourfilename.tiff

Easy as pie. Enjoy your scanner!


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