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Properly hide e-mail addresses in Mailman archives

Wednesday August 10 2011

The music-bar mailing lists have been running on Mailman for ages. It has a configuration feature to obfuscate e-mail addresses in the mailing list archives, but that just transforms e-mail addresses into yourname AT domain DOT com type of addresses. Not very effective in the year 2011…

A quick patch-up solves things! Find HyperArch.py in your Mailman binaries dir and find the section which contains ARCHIVER_OBSCURES_EMAILADDRS. Change the try block into something like this:

if self.author == self.email:
    self.author = self.email = "EMAIL HIDDEN"
    self.email = "EMAIL HIDDEN"

Easy-peasy. Recompile the .py file: py_compilefiles HyperArch.py. Then regenerate your list archives: YOURMAILMANDIR/bin/arch YOURLISTNAME. Done!

Be careful with apt-get update-ing your machine though… you will have to repatch.


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