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Speed up your iPhone

Saturday May 22 2010

I’ve had my iPhone 3G now for about 2 years, and it has gotten slower over time. I noticed that it had nothing to do with runnings apps or ‘being too full’. Restarting it or removing unused apps didn’t make it any faster, for instance.

I’m thinking that the culprit was SSD fragmentation. Obviously the iPhone doesn’t have a fancy controller like the Intel X25M and constant use might leave little free blocks available for writing.

After a quick backup & restore in iTunes (right click your iPhone, choose Backup, wait, then choose Restore from Backup) the iPhone is snappy as new – even when it’s chock-full of apps!

Update: Especially for iOS4 with a 3G, turn off Spotlight if you’re not using it! You can find this setting under Settings/General/Home button. Makes a big difference.

Did it work for you too? Let me know in the comments below!


Ton @ Monday February 14 2011 01:40
Ik las dat jij een analoog/digitaal converter wil verkopen, ik ben geinteresseerd.
kan jij mij mailen, welk merk het is.
Ik woon in Rijswijk dus vlak bij en zou hem op kunnen halen.


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