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Watch NASA TV using HTML 5 video

Saturday February 26 2011

I quite enjoy having NASA TV on in the background whilst coding on a drowsy Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, their default player uses WMV9 which is less-than ideal. There is also a Quicktime H.264 Stream, but it’s only 320*240…

Luckily NASA also provides a feed made for iPad & iPhone users. If you encapsulate that in a a HTML5 <video> tag you get a great experience (at least on Safari/Mac). Check it out – and enjoy. Combine with Soma FM’s Mission Control for maximum spaciness!


Tor @ Friday July 15 2011 16:06
Unbelievable that NASA doesn't provide this service themselves.
Now I can enjoy the silence of space on my laptop, without the sound of my fan running at max speed. Flash should be banned from the internet for environmental reasons.
Acitta @ Monday August 6 2012 05:03
I get sound but no video on my Nexus 7.
Acitta @ Monday August 6 2012 05:10
Works in Opera on the Nexus 7.
luuk @ Tuesday August 7 2012 00:34
Thanks a bunch, great feed!
Here's to space and the end of flash!

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